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  Saturday, November 7, 2015  

 19th Annual PB TRYathlon 



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PBTryathlon 2015

Matt earns another big win in 2015!

Tom was in the hunt after golf and bowling but came up short in pool.

14 of 16 TRYathletes successfully completed the 2015 PB TRYathlon:

Trucker Steve, Stafford, Tyler, Damon, Doug, Tom, Eric, Rick, Oly, Larry, Matt, Billy, Corbin and Corey. Congratulations!

Matt wins again!

Oly and Damon celebrate Matt's 3rd win!

Breakfast at PB Shore Club

Choosing partners at PB Shore Club

T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt design by Oly

Big thanks to Billy and staff at the PB Shore Club

Thanks again to Billy and staff at PB Shore Club

Line-up at Shore Club

Our hearts are warm and our bellies are full


Warming up...





Standard issue golf bag

Standard issue golf bag

Good shot Bro!

Good shot Bro!

Golf lady

Showing some love to the golf lady

Bowling alley

At the bowling alley

High Fives

High five fisting


Things are getting a little fuzzy

Oly flexes

Good flexibility

High Society welcomes the competition

High Society welcomes the competition

8 ball

8 ball is the final event

Pool fun

Lots of fun!


Family intervention?

Dark night

The dark night of the soul

Good competition

Good competition. See you next year!

The PB TRYathlon is an endurance event and "You Gotta Have Balls" to participate

...Golfing, Bowling and Pool.

Our 20th Annual PB TRYathlon is coming in the Fall of 2016

Plan to be there! - Contact Oly for details


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